How to Protect Your Invention From Copycats

How to Protect Your Invention From Copycats

If your invention idea is successful, it will almost inevitably be copied. This is a harsh reality for innovators and businesses. For those wondering, “What’s next after my invention gets knocked off?” Patents, trademarks, and copyrights provide legal options for copied inventions to combat such infringements. Consult reputable invention services to understand how various forms of IP protection work and what steps to take when you encounter copycats.

Identify the Type of Infringement

The first step in addressing the copying of your invention idea is to identify the type of infringement. This involves determining whether your patent, trademark, or copyright has been violated. Each form of intellectual property protection covers different aspects of your creation, so knowing which applies to your situation is crucial.


When your invention gets knocked off, a patent can cover its functional and aesthetic aspects. Whether you opt for a utility or a design patent, when another party produces, uses, or sells your invention without permission, they are infringing on your rights. The best option to address this is to consult an IP attorney or invention professional. If the copycat doesn’t comply, you may need to file a patent infringement lawsuit seeking an injunction and monetary damages.


Another effective solution when your invention gets knocked off is trademark protection. This type of IP protection deals with brand identities, such as logos, slogans, and brand names. If someone uses a mark that resembles yours, it can harm your brand’s reputation and customer trust. With new brands popping up daily, checking regularly for companies that infringe on your trademark rights is advisable. Hire a trademark attorney to advocate on your behalf with the infringing party, or file a trademark infringement lawsuit if resolutions fail.


Copyrights protect original works of authorship, such as literature, music, art, and software. Copyright protection is instantaneous upon the creation of the work and lasts for the author’s lifetime plus 70 years. If your creative work is copied without permission, document the infringement and onboard a copyright attorney who can send a cease and desist letter to the infringing party. In case of non-compliance, your attorney can go to court for damages and compensation.

When your invention is knocked off, it’s essential to act quickly to protect your intellectual property. Consult the professionals at All In One Inventions and schedule a consultation to understand the different types of IP protections and whether legal expertise is necessary. Our experts work with you to combat infringement effectively and protect your innovations.

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